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Vikas Designer's journey commenced as a one-person operation, driven by a passion for design and a vision to provide unparalleled digital solutions. With each project successfully completed, Vikas earned a reputation for delivering exceptional work and outstanding customer service. As the demand for his services grew, he realized the need to expand his capabilities and founded a team of experts who shared his values and dedication.


A Dream Team of Web and Graphic Experts:

Vikas assembled a team of talented individuals, each with their unique expertise in web development, graphic design, and digital marketing. Together, they form a powerhouse of creativity and innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries to provide cutting-edge solutions for their clients.

Vikas Designer
Our leadership team

Meet the amazing team

vikas designer
Vikas Chaurasia

Graphic Designer

Vikas Chaurasia, Vikas Designer's graphic wizard, crafts visually stunning concepts with unmatched creativity. His meticulous attention to detail and innovative flair elevate every project to new aesthetic heights.

vikas designer
Jyoti Singh

Graphic / Interior Designer

Jyoti, a graphic design maestro at Vikas Designer's team, infuses creativity into each project with her unique touch. Her innovative designs and precision contribute a captivating dimension to the team's creative landscape.

vikas designer
Rohit Singh

Web Designer

Rohit Singh, the web designer extraordinaire on Vikas Designer's team, brings a keen eye for aesthetics and a mastery of user experience, crafting visually captivating and user-friendly websites.

vikas designer
Nandan Singh

Web Designer

Nandan Singh, the web design virtuoso at Vikas Designer's team, enriches projects with visually stunning, user-friendly websites, adding a distinctive and innovative flair to the team's creative portfolio.


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